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If you have a hot hatch and you want to be featured on our website, contact owners@hothatch.com.au. Please include photos of your car, your name (or nickname), your car’s model, your Instagram link (if you have one), your location (city and country) and any other information you would like to share with us.

Harvey –
Renault Clio III RS 200

Owner: Harvey Car: Renault Clio III RS 200 Instagram: @harvey_rs200 City: - Country: United Kingdom Modification's list2.0L Naturally Aspirated, 197bhp, 0-60mph - 6.9 seconds Cup Chassis Scorpion Non-Res Cat-Back Exhaust System Bilstein B14’s Coilovers 20mm wheel spacers Carbon fibre door ...

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Marcos –
Volkswagen Golf VII GTI (facelift)

Owner: Marcos Car: Volkswagen Golf VII GTI (facelift) Instagram: @golf_gti_life City: - Country: Germany🔘Two shots of vodka Mk7.5 🔘 New project Mk7.5 2018 Gti DSG Supports :👇 @hazmotorsport @racinglineperformance

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Alexandre –
Renault Megane IV RS Trophy R

Owner: Alexandre Car: Renault Megane IV RS Trophy R Instagram: @rs.trophy.r City: Country: FranceMegane R.S. Trophy-R (number 199/500)Trophy-R 300 BVM Diffuseur Carbone avec ligne d’echappement Akrapovic R.S. Monitor Étriers de freins rouges Feux LED Capot Carbone Jantes 19" ...

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Jordan –
Ford Fiesta ST (MK7)

Owner: Jordan Car: Ford Fiesta ST (MK7) Instagram: @JLR_ST180 City: Sheffield Country: United Kingdom Modifications ListFull TRC low line kit Delta SRR front grill Delta spoiler riser Maxton rear diffuser Autobeam halo ambient fog lights Peron stage 2 pro (running 260BHP) ...

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George –
MINI Cooper S (F56)

Owner: George Car: MINI Cooper S (F56) Instagram: @the_toycar City: - Country: United KingdomGeorge GB 🇬🇧 🔥🚀 (Lil Tangerine) F56 Mini Cooper S 🍊🎲

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