Year: 1992
Engine code: 20xe, without catalysator, 2.0 liter, 16V, 112kw and 156 horsepower, 196 NM
It has been released on 24th June 1992, in Germany – Bochum, first Astra F GSi, therefore is the engine 20xe and not c20xe, 20xe engine former could be found only in early Kadett 1988-1992.
It has run 133 000km, original condition, with original painting Magmared colour from factory. Exhaust system is original from 1992 GM Leistritz, that was made only for sportive models. Seats are GSi Recaro seats, also original, GM Grundig cassette radio, no airbag, electrical windows and manual sunroof and mirrors. End speed I tried 230km/h, the gearbox is early F20, very short, 3.55 ratio.
Interesting about the car is that is without any corrosion, all the protective carters and plastics under the car are still original with original 26 years old GM screws. The protective wax from the factory is also still visible on the engine (yellow colored now). The previous owner has held him in a garage, without any movement for 16 years! It has not run any km in 16 years, that is also visible, all sealings and all rubber I had to replace as I bought it. Unfortunately I cannot show you its smell, because it has still a typical New Opel smell in the interior! 🙂