Audi S3 MK2 VS BMW 130i M-Package

In this rivalry, we compare two premium C-Segment hot hatches from the 00’s. On the left, the second generation of the Audi S3 and on the right, the first generation BMW 130i equipped with the M-Package. Both models were premium, came from German automakers and produced 265 hp / 195 kw of power, however the similarities end there as the Audi had a four cylinder turbocharged engine and the BMW had a six cylinder naturally aspirated unit. Typical of Audi, the S3 was AWD (quattro) while the BMW 130i was one of the few RWD hot hatches.

So lets start with a design battle before we move on to their specifications.






ModelAudi S3 MK2BMW 130i M-Package
Engine Displacement1984 cm32996 cm3
InductionTurbochargedNaturally Aspirated
Fuel SystemDirect InjectionMultipoint Injection
Power (hp)265265
Power (kw)195195
Power (@rpm)@6000 rpm@6650 rpm
Torque (Nm)350315
Torque (@rpm)@2500-5000 rpm@2750 rpm
0-100km/h5,7 sec6,1 sec
Top Speed (km/h)250 km/h250 km/h
Top Speed (mph)155 mph155 mph
Consumption (lt/100km)9,18,3
CO2 (g/km)217 g/km197 g/km
Gearbox6 MT6 MT
Weight1455 kg1350 kg
Length4204 mm4239 mm
Width1765 mm1748 mm
Height1420 mm1420 mm
Wheelbase2578 mm2659 mm
Front Track1537 mm1483 mm
Rear Track1516 mm1496 mm
Boot Space280 liters331 liters
Tire Size225/40 ZR18245/35 R18
Front Brakes345 mm Ventilated Discs330 mm Ventilated Discs
Rear Brakes310 mm Discs300 mm Ventilated Discs

So which one do you prefer;

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