Chris Wilson –
Citroën BX GTi 16 Soupapes

Owner: Chris Wilson
Car: Citroën BX GTi 16 Soupapes
Instagram: @frog_the_16v
City: Brisbane/Queensland
Country: Australia

It’s a bit of an oddity in Australia. Fun to drive as you never see another on the road.

It’s relatively unknown here, though the BX won its class (B) in the Bathurst 12 hour race in 1992 beating the Australian racing legend Peter Brock who drove and prepared a Peugeot 405mi16.

I bought the car in 2011 off eBay unregistered. I did some general maintenance work to get it roadworthy and enjoyed daily driving it but wanted more power.

In 2013 I dropped in a high compression engine my brother had built; it had a 10.8:1 compression ratio, decked block and liners, balanced bottom end, Peter T Stage1 intake cam and offset keys, baffled sump, uprated oil pump spring and sprocket, and was paired with a Taylor Eng modified EPROM.

I also added some Exip 15×7″ wheels which were imported from the UK. Gutmann offered these wheels for the 205 GTi.

Whilst it’s not daily driven anymore the car is still enjoyed on weekends and taken to car club events.

Future plans for the car include a full respray and possibly a Australian haltech ECU.

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Citroën BX GTi 16 Soupapes”

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