Chrysanthos –
MINI Cooper S (R56)

Owner: Chrysanthos G Makariou (Mr.Eleven)
Car: Mini Cooper S MK2 (R56)
Instagram: @111_CGM
City: Bristol
Country: United Kingdom


My Name is Chrysanthos and I am currently 22 years old. I live in Bristol, United Kingdom. I was born in Cyprus and from a very young age I was passionate about cars! This passion of mine just kept growing and still does to this day.

My first car back in my country was an Audi A1 1.4 TFSI. Gradually, I had started adding a lot of modifications to it, and since it was my first car, it was the first time I could express my passion for driving and personalise my own car to my own liking.

When I moved to Bristol to begin my studies in September 2017, I sold my first love… However, after two years, I ended up buying a Smart Fortwo to start builiding my insurance history in the UK. On the 1st of February 2020 it was the day I traded in my Smart car for my current Mini R56.

Owning a Mini R56… the experience that comes with it, the community you get into, the unlimited modifications you can do to it, and the fact that you can fully personalise it to your preferences and liking, instantly made me fall in love all over again, the whole Mini Experience is unique. And the driving? Can’t compare it to the A1…(or any other hot hatch i drove). Its extremely down to the ground… you turn off the traction control and just keep pushing it (always with a limit/safety first). The pops and bangs the n18 engine gives you… is great bonus too!

Want to be part of my journey? Follow me on my Instagram to stay up to date, feel free to send me a chat anytime, i love talking to other petrolheads.


  •  JCW Original Exhaust (Res Delete)
  • GP Diffuser
  • Forge Blow Off Valve
  • Blacked Out Front Grill
  • Black out Side Badges
  • LED Light for side indicators
  • Xenon Number Plate Lights
  • Xenon Fog Lamps
  • Carbon Small Antenna

Future Mods/Plans:  Forge Intake, ECU Remap, and a Racing Decat. 

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