Cupra – a new brand is born

On the 22nd of February 2018, SEAT announced that CUPPA will be an independent brand for it’s performance models. According to the press release, uniqueness, sophistication and performance are the three main values of the new sub-brand.

Unfortunately for the hot hatch fans, the first CUPRA model is going to be an SUV based on the Ateca, however the company also presented a hot version of the Ibiza and a new racing car.

The CUPRA Ibiza is only a concept study for the time being. However it is very likely that we will soon see a hot hatch version of the B-Segment vehicle, based on the VW Polo GTi that uses the same platform.

As you have already noticed, the new CUPRA emblem is going to replace SEAT’s emblem on the front grill of the performance models. The new design has received mixed reviews and some people think it interferes too much with the design of SEAT’s model range.

The CUPRA TCR is a Leon based touring car that is going to make its racing debut on the 2018 season.
Unlike the pictured CUPRA TCR racing car, the Cupra versions of the latest Seat Leon range is going to keep the Seat emblem.

Nowadays the performance models of each brand have their own badge – Ford ST and RS, Volkswagen GTi and R, Audi S and RS models, Mercedes AMG and BMW M division etc. A few companies however, take this differentiation to another level and this is what Seat is trying to achieve with CUPRA – following the successful strategy of Fiat with the Abarth range.

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