Dorian –
Renault Clio III RS 197

Owner: Dorian
Car: Renault Clio III RS 197
Instagram: @clio197toro
Country: France
This is my car, a Clio 197. I swapped it with the second generation Clio RS 182 because the original one blew up. My car produces 203 hp from stock but I’m gonna map it so power will rise to approximately 210hp. Currently, it has a stainless steel exhaust manifold, decat et straight pipe catback, short spring, Megane 225 18 inch wheels.

This is not a cup version but enough for a daily car, so the previous owner decided to put Recaros in it and add original cup spoiler and front splitter. The car has high mileage so I’m gonna put it on track, I don’t even know when but that’s my plan. The car will not stay like that in the next few months, I will add it some new wheels and coilovers and stuff. Decided to wrap in black and red the interior, and put a yellow tint on my fog lights. Looks better than the original grey in my opinion.

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