Ford Fiesta R2 by M-Sport

After securing the World Rally Championship title with driver Sebastien Ogier, M-Sport launched the new Ford Fiesta R2 racing car, designed in their facilities in Krakow, Poland to comply with FIA’s R2 regulations

Unlike the Fiesta ST hot hatch, the Fiesta R2 is fitted with the turbocharged three cylinder 999cc unit from the ST-Line production model, tuned to produce 147kw (197hp) of power and 290Nm of torque, sending the power to the front wheels through a Sadev five-speed sequential gearbox. According to M-Sport, the engine and transmission will be able to run for around 3,200km in competition, before they need a major rebuilt.

Other modifications include a racing suspension with two-way and three-way adjustable Reiger dampers and Eibach springs, Alcon brakes, anti-roll bar and a stripped out interior with a roll cage.

The Ford Fiesta R2 will be built in 100 units with a cost of €64,990 (102,728 aud) before taxes, or €37,900 (59,908 aud) for a full conversion if you already own a Fiesta. The new racing car will debut in the JWRC from February 2019, while it will also take part in a new one-make series around the world.