Ford Fiesta ST by Pumaspeed

The Ford Fiesta ST (MK8) was launched a year ago and as expected it quickly drawn the attention of tuning companies. Pumaspeed, which is based on Wakefield, UK, offers a variety of kits for the B-Segment hot hatch, designed for those who want to spice up the – already great in stock form – Fiesta ST.

Photo: Sideways Sid

Thanks to a new mapping using MAXDOUT software, the turbocharged three cylinder 1.5 liter Ecoboost engine produces from 235 hp (175 kw) up to 245 hp (183 kw) which is quite an improvement compared to the 200 hp (147 kw) of the stock version.

In addition to the ECU upgrade, the company offers a new air filter and the Scorpion GPF Back Exhaust which provides a considerably more aggressive sound, full of pop and crackles. According to Pumaspeed, the car has completed 4800km worth of testing both on the road and on the dyno, ensuring the safety and the reliability of the kit.

Besides upgrading the latest three cylinder Ecoboost units (1.0 and 1.5 liter) with more power and torque, Pumaspeed managed to combine the MK8 chassis with a forged four cylinder 1.6 liter engine featuring Hybrid X-47R turbocharger.

The demo car produces up to 350 hp (261 kw) showcasing the capabilities of this pocket rocket, even though all that power on the front axle should be challenging to handle, putting a lot of work on the Quaife limited-slip differential.

For more information on the cost and the availability of the upgrades, you can visit the official Pumaspeed’s website here.