Ford Focus RS is officially dead

Ford Europe officially announced that there won’t be an RS version of the fourth-generation Focus, ending all speculation. That leaves the current Focus ST as the performance flagship of the C-Segment hatchback, terminating the use of the historic RS badge.

The decision was taken due to the increasing development costs that could not be justified by the low production volume of a focused model like the Focus RS.

During the past year, engineers at Ford were actively seeking clever ways to create a hybrid powertrain that could comply with the strict emissions regulations while providing enough power for a flagship AWD hot hatch. We understand that this would require a large investment, and Ford decided to redirect their recourses to more viable projects.

Thankfully, Ford is not completely out of the hot hatch game, as it has reconfirmed their commitment to the Ford Performance brand which is responsible among others for the ST versions of both the Focus and Fiesta models.

We understand your frustration about the news so here is a quick recap of all of the Focus RS models on our database. This is definitely a car that we are going to miss!

 A tribute to the Ford Focus RS