Ford Focus RS reportedly cancelled [UPDATE]

According to the French website Caradisiac, Ford confirmed that they won’t be making an RS version for the 4th generation Focus, leaving the current Focus ST as the performance flagship of their C-Segment hatchback range.

[UPDATE]: After yesterday’s reports, a spokesperson from Ford Australia sent the following comments on CarAdvice: “It’s far too early to speculate on any future plans for RS. The C2 platform that underpins the new-generation Focus features an up-to-the-minute, highly-advanced technology-laden architecture. It has enabled our Focus line-up a range of efficient powertrains”. He also pointed out that the previous generation Focus RS was released towards the end of the product’s lifecycle, which means we might see something similar for the current model.

Rumours about a hybrid Ford Focus RS MK4 surfaced last year, while a few months ago Autocar reported that the engineers were searching for a “hybrid system breakthrough” in order to comply with regulations. It is understood that Ford couldn’t justify the R&D cost for a cleaner 2.3 litre Ecoboost engine that would combine greater power figures (closer to the 400 hp / 298 kW territory) with lower COemissions – at least at the moment.

The strict emission regulations that will take effect from 2021 in Europe, are the main reason to blame for the possible cancellation of a fourth-generation Focus RS. Even if Ford had found a way to lower the emissions of the new hybrid powertrain, they would need to limit the availability of the Focus RS in order to maintain a relatively low COaverage for their fleet – which makes it even harder to justify the investment.

We understand your frustration about the news so here is a quick recap of all of the Focus RS models on our database. This is definitely a car that we are going to miss!

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