Ford Focus ST gets a power upgrade kit by Mountune

British tuner Mountune that specializes in Ford Performance models, now offers the m330 power upgrade kit for the Focus ST (MK4).

Thanks to software calibrations, the 2,3 liter EcoBoost engine produces 330 PS / 243 kW and 515 Nm of torque. That means it gets an additional 50 PS / 37 kW and 95 Nm over the stock car. With the m330, the ST accelerates from 0-97 km/h in 5,2″ benefiting from the power bump and a “more aggressive launch control strategy”. The kit also includes a custom track mode (which is a recalibrated wet-mode for track settings) while it offers enhanced audible exhaust output in both sport and track modes.

The owner can install and update calibrations on the ECU wirelessly via Bluetooth, by using the mTune SMARTflash application on their smartphone. Once installed, they can choose between three settings: m330 performance, stock performance and anti-theft.

According to Mountune:  “The new mountune m330 power upgrade for the mk4 focus st releases the maximum achievable power and torque from the potent 2.3-litre ecoboost engine without significant hardware changes, substantially yet safely raising power and torque output; improving outright performance, drivability and fun, whilst also adding a host of functionality, unique to mountune. The m330 calibration has been fully optimised to utilise the mountune high-flow panel filter, which allows the engine and turbocharger to work more efficiently, as well as improving induction noise.”

The m330 kit costs £569 (including vat) in the United Kingdom, which is $1,444 AUD, $663 USD or €616 EUR in today’s exchange rates. For more information, you can visit Mountune’s official website here.

Mountune also offers upgrades for the Ford Focus RS (MK3), the Focus ST (MK3) TDCi and the Fiesta ST (MK8)

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