VW Golf GTI TCR sketch

Future Hot Hatch: Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR

Volkswagen released teaser sketches of the new special edition VW Golf GTI VII TCR, that will be presented on Wednesday 9 May at the Wörthersee GTI meeting in Austria.

The new Golf GTI TCR will be fitted with the 2.0 liter TSI engine producing 290 hp (213 kw) and 370 Nm of torque, combined with the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG) and a standard front axle differential lock. Those figures are much lower than the racing car’s crazy output of 350 hp (275 kw) and slightly lower than the 310 hp (228 kw) and 380 Nm of torque of the special edition VW Golf VII GTI Clubsport S which still keeps the crown of the most powerful production version of the GTI.

The preview sketches of the upcoming Golf GTI TCR shows no significant visual differences from the facelifted Golf VII GTI, aside from the lowered ride height, the extended side sills, the TCR decals and the new rims with larger openings.

Even though it is not the most powerful GTI ever, the new GTI TCR will be the fastest, with a top speed of 264 km/h (164 mph), thanks to the optional removal of the Vmax limiter. Volkswagen hasn’t released the 0-100 km/h acceleration time yet, but we suspect that the car might be faster than the Clubsport S (5,8 seconds) because of the 7 speed DSG gearbox.

The special edition will be the road version of the two-time overall winner of the international TCR race series. According to Volskwagen, the new top of the range model is almost ready for production and will be available in the market by the end of 2018.

At the rear there is a glossy black skirt that houses the double exhaust pipes and a new diffuser

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