Garrett Sanguinetti –
Abarth 500

Owner: Garrett Sanguinetti
Car: Abarth 500
Instagram: @Carina_Macchina
City: California
Country: USA

 The car is a 2016 500 Abarth that Ive been building to my own liking for casual track days and spirited canyon runs. I built it with ‘fun’ as the only objective. Its an ongoing work in progress but its fairly close to where I want it to end up. My idea was to have the car as close to track ready while still being a reasonable daily driver.

  • Uprated Garrett 1446 turbo
  • Alfa Romeo 4c Coilpacks
  • ATM intercooler
  • Turbosmart wastegate actuator
  • GFB Diverter valve
  • Custom intake
  • AAD shifter
  • 2.2 inches wider in the rear
  • 1.75 inches wider in the front
  • Over large torsion bar
  • Reinforced front end
  • Single exit exhaust
  • Highly unnecessary rear spoiler
  • Neu-F springs

*loads more done but those are the most pertinent and noticeable mods.


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