Generations: Opel Corsa GSi

The Opel Corsa E GSi just went on sale in the European market, as an affordable and sporty B-Segment hot hatch. Based on the chassis of the Corsa E OPC and with the same bodykit, but with a less powerful 1.4 liter engine, the Corsa E GSi revives a nameplate that distinguished the most powerful versions of Opel’s cars before OPC (Opel Performance Division) was founded in 1997.

The first cars that got GSi derivatives were the Mantra GSi and the Kadett GSi in 1984, while the first Opel Corsa A GSi launched in 1988.


For a better view on the evolution of the species, we prepared a list of all the Corsa generations in GSi guise:

ModelOpel Corsa A GSiOpel Corsa B GSiOpel Corsa C GSiOpel Corsa D GSiOpel Corsa E GSi
Engine Displacement1598 cm31598 cm31796 cm31598 cm31399 cm3
InductionNaturally AspiratedNaturally AspiratedNaturally AspiratedTurbochargedTurbocharged
Fuel SystemSingle Point InjectionSingle Point InjectionMultipoint InjectionMultipoint InjectionMultipoint Injection
Power (hp)100106125150150
Power (kw)747892110110
Power (@rpm)@5600 rpm@6000 rpm@6000 rpm@5000 rpm@5000-5600 rpm
Torque (Nm)134148165210220
Torque (@rpm)@3400 rpm@4000 rpm@4600 rpm@1850-5000 rpm@3000-4500 rpm
Top Speed (km/h)189 km/h192 km/h202 km/h210 km/h207 km/h
Top Speed (mph)117 mph119 mph125 mph130 mph129 mph
Consumption (lt/100km)7,27,87,77,96,2
CO2 (g/km)186 g/km269 g/km189 g/km143 g/km
Gearbox5 MT5 MT5 MT6 MT6 MT
Weight820 kg942 kg1015 kg1270 kg1214 kg
Length3622 mm3729 mm3817 mm3998 mm4021 mm
Width1535 mm1608 mm1646 mm1713 mm1736 mm
Height1365 mm1420 mm1440 mm1488 mm1479 mm
Wheelbase2343 mm2443 mm2491 mm2511 mm2511 mm
Front Track1320 mm1387 mm1429 mm1485 mm1472 mm
Rear Track1307 mm1388 mm1420 mm1478 mm1464 mm
Boot Space260260286280
Tire Size175/65 R14185/60 R14185/55 R15215/45 R17215/40 R18
Front Brakes236 mm Discs256 mm Discs262 mm Discs308 mm  Ventilated Discs308 mm Ventilated Discs
Rear BrakesDrums200 mm Drums240 mm Discs264 mm Discs264 mm Discs


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