This heavily modified VW Golf II GTI looks out of this world

Independent designer Khyzyl Saleem, known for his photorealistic renderings with extreme visual modifications, presented his latest project which is based on the  VW Golf II GTI (1984-1992). Besides its looks, the cool thing about this one is that it is going to be produced in prototype form, with the help of JP Performance and Prior Design!

As we can see from the digital renderings, the Golf II GTI has become unrecognisable, thanks to the extremely wide bodykit. At the front, the bumper got a large splitter that looks like it is touching the ground (probably with the help of adjustable air suspension), the main headlights have been replaced by LED units, the grille is surrounded by red trim while the boxy fenders are significantly wider.

The extended side sills with aerodynamic fins and the ultra-wide rear fenders with integrated air intakes look like they came out of a WTCC racecar. At the back, we find a huge rear wing, additional air curtains on the rear windscreen, clear taillights and a short bumper leaving the dual round tailpipes and the unbelievably wide tyres partially uncovered. There are no photos of the interior, but as we can see from the windows, the cabin is dressed on a tartan upholstery which has always been associated with the GTI.

We don’t know if you like Khyzyl Saleem‘s Golf, but there it will be very interesting to watch the project’s transition from the digital world to a running prototype. We just hope that the people involved will also include some mechanical modifications, as the stock 1.8-litre 16V engine with 95 kW / 129 hp would be ridiculous combined with that looks. Our suggestion would be a mid-engined layout with a proper VR6 behind the front seats.

Until we see the real car, let us gaze at more renderings below. Don’t forget to follow Khyzyl Saleem on Facebook and Instagram.

[Source: Khyzyl Saleem / the_kyza through Carscoops]