A life-size Honda Civic Type R built from LEGO

Honda Australia launched a very special Honda Civic Type R (FK8) entirely built by LEGO bricks for the ‘LEGO Masters’ show airing on Channel Nine from 28th April.

A team of 9 people worked for over 1,300 hours in order to assemple more than 320,000 LEGO bricks by hand, replicating the body lines of the japanese hot hatch. A steel frame was used to support the structure of LEGO bricks, all glued together, while an actual Civic Type R (FK8) and the CAD files of the model were used to built the blueprint.

The end result looks amazing and from a distance someone could easily mistake it for the real thing. Besides the body and the aero parts, even the wheels were built by LEGO, including the rims, tires, brake discs and brake calipers! The model also has working headlights, daytime running lights, indicators, fog lights, tailights and reversing lights that can be operated through an iPad.

Ryan McNaught, a LEGO Certified Proffessional who led the team for the construction of the 1:1 scale model said: “We’ve loved the challenge of this project. The car is shaped with a considerable amount of curved lines, making it a tough but interesting build. From the working lights and indicators to intricate LEGO® Honda logos, the detail on the model has been a fun one for us to work on”

The full size replica will be featured on the LEGO® Masters’ show and it will also make appearances across the country over the coming months.

As a reminder, the real Honda Civic Type R (FK8) is fitted with a 2.0 liter VTEC TURBO engine producing 320 hp / 235 kw of power and 400Nm of torque while it is equipped with an Adaptive Damper System and a sophisticated aerodynamic package. The car accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 5,7 seconds and its top speed is 272 km/h (169 mph).


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