Honda refreshes the Civic Type R (FK8)

Honda unveiled the refreshed Civic Type R MK5 (FK8) at the 2020 Tokyo Auto show, with small exterior tweaks, new safety kit and several upgrades in suspension, engine cooling and brakes.

Visually, Honda gave the car a slightly larger front grille and new body-coloured blades in the front bumper intakes and at the rear bumper. There is also a new exterior colour – Boost Blue – exclusively available for the Type R.

Inside there is a new Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel and a redesigned gearshift knob with shorter shift throws, while the Honda Sensing suite of safety and driver-assistive technologies is now included in the base equipment. Thanks to the new Active Sound Control system, the driver can enjoy a different interior sound experience depending on the selected driving mode (between Comfort, Sport and +R).

The car is fitted with the same 2.0-litre VTEC TURBO engine which produces 310 hp / 228 kw (America and Asia) or 320 hp / 235 kw (Europe and Japan) and 400 Nm, combined with a six-speed manual gearbox and a limited-slip differential on the front axle.

While there are no changes under the bonnet, the 2020 Type R gets updated brakes and suspension. Changes in the braking system include new two-piece brake rotors and new brake pads designed to reduce fade and improve high-speed braking efficiency. Suspension revisions include updated dampers for better ride comfort, stiffer rear bushings for better grip, and modifications to the front suspension to reduce friction and improve steering feel.

The updated Civic Type R MK5 (FK8) will be available for sale in the U.S. market later this winter, while global markets will follow soon after that.