Hondura is a unique Civic with a mid mounted V6 engine!

Hot hatch fans all around the world are familiar with the Honda Civic Type R but only a few people know that there is another hot hatch based on the Japanese compact hatch – the Hondura.

This custom built vehicle is a mid-engined and rear wheel drive conversion of the third generation Civic, with an Acura sourced V6 and a wide bodykit inspired by the Renault 5 Turbo homologation special. The unique car was designed and built by Andy Barcheck and as you can see he did an amazing job in this undeniably cool conversion.

Visually, the custom-made wide and boxy fenders look as if they were fitted by the factory, complimenting the three-door silhouette of the third generation Honda Civic. Since its creation 25 years ago, the car has changed hands several times but all of the owners did an amazing job in maintaining the bodywork and the underpinnings in great shape.

The Hondura used to have a 2.5 liter V6 engine from an Acura Legend (1986) but the current owner swapped this unit for a newer, larger and more powerful 3,2 liter V6 from an Acura CL Type-S mated to a 6-speed manual transmission that sends the power to the rear wheels.

The engine is mounted behind the front seats with a custom exhaust system, and in order to put it there the builder had to cut the floor and install a tube frame. Even though the large motor takes most of the interior space in the Civic, there is still room for luggage at the back, so the Hondura is a proper hot hatch.

Under the front bonnet, you will find a custom aluminum gas tank, a radiator sourced from a Chevrolet Blazer, a spare wheel, a toolbox and the battery, contributing to a nearly perfect weight distribution of 47/53 on the front/rear axles. The car weights around 1200 kg with the new engine and as both the owner and the builder admitted, it handles pretty well.

For more information on this crazy built check out the video below, brought to you from the youtube channel of Forza.

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