Hyundai i30 N tuned by Turbozentrum

German tuner Turbozentrum launched a new tuning pack for the Hyundai i30 N, offering higher power output for the Korean hot hatchback.

Thanks to the turbocharger’s optimization, total engine output is increased up to 350 hp / 257 kW in Stage 2 with a cost of 1,920 €  (excl. tax) and can exceed 400 hp / 294 kW in Stage 3 which costs 2,176.47 € (excl. tax) – or 1,666 € (excl. tax) if you want to upgrade a used turbocharger. As a reminder, the stock 2.0-litre engine produces up to 275 hp / 202 kW in the Hyundai i30 N Performance.

Upgrades include a bigger compression wheel milled out of light aluminium with slim design and extended tip technology in combination with CNC-milled compressor housing,  as well as a bigger exhaust wheel and CNC-milled exhaust housing. Turbozentrum also optimizes the gap between housing and installs reinforced actuator with increased preload and reinforced radial and 360° axial bearings. Additionally, in order to maximize the performance of the turbocharger, the company recommends a bigger downpipe, a new exhaust system, a bigger intercooler and a modified air intake.

Turbozentrum also offers an HJS Tuning Downpipe 89mm (1,390 € excl tax) and a SACHS Performance Clutch kit with flywheel (1,276 € excl tax). Learn more about all of the upgrades in Turbozentrum’s official website. You can also read our review of the stock Hyundai i30 N here.


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