Hyundai Veloster N Performance Concept debuts at Seoul

Hyundai Motor unveiled the Veloster N Performance concept car at the Seoul Motor Show, with a new range of N Performance parts that will be released in late 2019.

The latest concept car is based on the Veloster N and features 45 customizable parts. Among those, there are 14 parts improving driving perofrmance, including the new lightweight forged wheels shod in high-performance tires, larger brakes and a more focused suspension.

As for the aesthetics, there are 11 parts including side skirt add ons, a more pronounced rear diffuser and a huge rear wing spoiler made from carbon fibre as well as a redesigned hood with an integrated scoop. The concept car is painted in matte gray with details in orange (splitter and mirror covers) further distinguishing it from the production model.

Inside, we find small touches from carbon fiber and Alcantara applied on the new sport bucket seats, steering wheel, parking brake, doors, pillars, headlining and dashboard which enhance the premium and sporty feel in the cabin.

Hyundai didn’t reveal much about the availability or the pricing of the N Performance parts but stated that they will  be offered “at an accessible price point” with a market release in “late 2019”. As a reminder, similar upgrades were previewed at the 2018 Paris Motor Show with the i30 N Option Concept.

*Source:Hyundai Motor

**Main photo by Carscoops and other photos by Motoring