Interview: Davide Cironi

Davide Cironi is an Italian motoring journalist, with an infinite passion for driving cars. His website and youtube channel, are focused on presenting his driving experience in a unique way, and even though is young, he has build quite a reputation among gearheads in Italy and all over the world.

First of all we have to congratulate you on your video reviews. Your personal style always feels honest and unbiased, and allows the audience to feel like taking part in your experience. How did a young man from Italy took the risk of starting his own ambitious project instead of choosing a more “conventional” path; And most importantly, how do you feel today, after having driven most of the cars that you were dreaming of as a child?

I feel good, but not enough good until I drive my one and only dream car, the F40. I refused three times already to drive her, because I didn’t find yet the one. I need to drive her without obstacles and in the right road. The owner must be very trustful. I had the ambition to drive 155 DTM and I did, Bugatti EB110 and also I did it, Ferrari F50, did. Now I miss F40, Miura, 037 and Delta S4 (race cars). And for answering your first question, I did it this way because when I started Italy had not its motoring journalism as it deserved, so I tried to change the game. I hope I started something new, if I didn’t… I had fun anyway!

A large number of your Davide Cironi Drive Experience videos include hot hatchbacks so we cannot resist the temptation to ask which one was your favorite and which hot hatches you would love to drive in the future?

My favorite modern Hot Hatch is the Fiesta ST200, I guess. I’m not so much a Hot Hatch person actually, but when I see a 106 Rallye, Saxo, 205 GTi, 5 Gt Turbo, Uno, Punto and such, I always turn my head! No matter if they are valued 1.000 euros, I look at them as they were supercars. Classic Hatch I prefer… Maybe Clio Williams, Ritmo Abarth?

In your opinion, which are the main ingredients that add up for an unforgettable driving experience in public roads?

Horsepower, great suspensions set up, tender tires, howling engine sound, my own private Nurburgring, where I do my tests, in Abruzzo, central Italy. A good girl waiting uphill to make the run faster?

As time passes by, cars become safer, faster, more practical and more capable in almost every possible way. Having said that, some people complain that cars are becoming more generic, with less character and feel disconnected from the driver. Putting aside our nostalgic emotions about the 80s and the 90s, do you believe that this is true?

It is sadly true, yes. Today only race cars are sincere. Think about a Clio. The road going sporty one is good but… Is it the dream of someone? In racing it is a proper car, and fun to drive. Normal cars were similar to actual racers, most dangerous and intriguing. Nowadays if you wanna feel some real thrill of driving you have to go with supercars, and still…. Not the same stuff as 20 years ago. But hey, we are lucky we’re are still in a internal combustion engine era and we can also buy great cars for a small amount of money.

I somehow know the answer to that but I have to ask you, do you believe that someone can have more fun behind the wheel of the tiny Autobianchi A112 Abarth (1971) with just 58 hp / 43kw, or inside the monstrous Audi RS3 Sportback (2017) with a crazy 400 hp / 294kw?

You can never get bored in an A112 Abarth. But if you look for company on the seaside you should go for the boring german one. A lot of hp wow!!! And?

Having watched most of your videos, I can see that you give a lot of credit in those who design, build and tune the cars that you drive. In most of the cases, hot hatches are built for people enjoy driving by people who love their work and feel proud of their creations. In my view, this is like injecting character into an practical and affordable every day car. Do you agree with that after driving all those iconic hot hatchbacks?

People behind cars make their soul. This is what I mean when I talk about a car with a soul. It is not only metal.

Davide, I would like to thank you very much for this talk. I wish you the best and can’t wait to watch your next video.

Thank you guys, sorry for the fast answers but is always flatout and we have to stay FocusRSed!

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