Joe Wrigley –
Renault Megane III RS 275 Trophy

Owner: Joe Wrigley
Car: Renault Megane III RS 275 Trophy
Instagram: @_joewbu
City: East Sussex
Country: United Kingdom

Renault sport fan, had two clio sports then a black megane 265 which after about a year and a half I replaced with a ttrs which I hate (apart from THAT noise!) with my current megane. Liquid yellow 275 NAV S (run out edition to finish production alongside the CUP S)

Modification List

  • Brakes- grooved brembo high carbon disc with aggressive WINMAX W6.5 pads up front. Shout out to those guys for the performance on tap.
  • Grams racing springs, not as low as others but give the best ride comfort this side of going for coilovers.
  • Full gt performance turbo back system, I have now replaced the cat back with a UK first titanium system from these guys (they sell a few of these in the eu but not in the uk till me!)- big shout out to them please.
  • Fitted a quick shifter but arriving next week is a zero point one shifter kit. Shout out to him for the level of customer support and customisation on offer. It really is better than a CAE shifter! That is the mod I am looking forward to the most.
  • Gt performance boost pipes
  • airtec stage two intercooler
  • Maxton design front and rear spoilers


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