Marco Bellina –
Hyundai i30 N Performance

Owner: Marco Bellina
Car: Hyundai i30 N Performance
Instagram: @mac.30n and @Clubn.aus
Country: Australia


Hi All,

My names Marco Bellina and I am the president of Club N Australia. I have a 2018 Hyundai i30n. Will be one of or if not the quickest i30n in the country

Wrapped in a custom Avery Porsche gt2 rs crayon grey (only one in the world)

Currently at AJ Motorsports who are our partners for some ridiculous performance mods. AJ Motorsports has developed a custom dump pipe available for Australian market and Club N members shortly. This dump pipe will be the first of its kind in Australia and is worked on by the owner of the performance shop Joe Ferraro who has extensive knowledge in the racing scene. They are just doing the final adjustments and will have the power figures sometime next week with an update to be produced on the Club N Australia Facebook page and this page as well!

AJ Motorsports are currently working with Club N Australia to develop other performance mods for the i30n market.

AJ Motorsport FB page

Club N Australia FB page

Stay tuned shortly and will let you know what mods this i30n receives in the next week!





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