A mid-engined Renault Clio inspired by the R5 Turbo

Independent designer Khyzyl Saleem, known for his photorealistic renderings with extreme visual modifications (like his most recent VW Golf II based hot hatch project), presented a mid-engined, wide-bodykit version of the Renault Clio V (2020), heavily influenced by the classic Renault 5 Turbo (1980-1986).

The digital renderings of the 3D model reveal that not much of the original model has been left untouched.

The designer used a detailed model of the Renault Clio RS Line as a base and added extra-wide fenders, new front bumper with a splitter and retro-inspired additional boxy lights, headlight covers, a new bonnet with integrated hood-scoop, side sill extensions, massive side intakes on the rear fenders that take the place of the rear doors, a huge rear wing and a cut-out rear bumper leaving the dual exhaust tailpipes and the ultra-wide rear tires partially uncovered.  There is also a timelapse video covering the whole design process of the car from start to finish (watch it here).

As a reminder, the Renault 5 Turbo (1980-1986) was a homologation special of the equivalent rally car with a mid-mounted 1,4-litre engine producing 119 kW (160 hp), rear-wheel-drive and a fully redesigned wide bodykit. The iconic hot hatch did get an indirect successor in the early 00’s, as Renault launched a limited production run of the mid-engined and RWD Clio V6 by Renault Sport Phase I (2001-2003) and Phase II (2003-2005) fitted with a 3.0 litre V6 producing  169 kW – 188 kW (230 hp – 255 hp).


As we already know, a hot hatch version of the latest Renault Clio – let alone this mid-engined beast – is not planned for the future. The French company is thought to prioritise the development of fully-electric models, which means that the closest we are going to get in a full-blown hot hatch is a production version of the Renault Zoe E-Sport (2017) concept car

[Source: Khyzyl Saleem / the_kyza through Carscoops]