More power for the Ford Focus RS by Mountune

British tuner Mountune announced two new tuning kits for the Ford Focus RS MK3 that make the fastest previous generation Focus more powerful than any factory-spec hot hatch on sale.

The m520 MRX power upgrade kit offers 382 kW (520 hp) of power and 700 Nm of torque, from the 2.3 liter Ecoboost engine.  This happens thanks to a larger Borg Wagner EFR-7163 turbocharger (Dual Row Ceramic Ball Bearings,Water Cooled Center Section, Integrated Speed Sensor mounting provisions, Low Inertia Gamma- Ti Turbine Wheel and Stainless steel Turbine Housing), and other upgrades including V-Band Clamp, EFR Exhaust Outlet, XtremeD uprated fuel pump, Performance camshafts and valve train.

According to mountune, the kit has been “Tested and validated over thousands of miles and countless hours on the dyno for durability and performance”, it is suitable for the owners that are already running either m400R or m400X and offers power upgrades throughout the whole RPM range. Requirements include Upgraded intercooler, mTune handset, mountune full intake, 3″ inch exhaust, hardpipe and forged engine internals.

The m520 costs £5,974.99 (which is 10,682 aud or 6,532 euro) in the United Kingdom. Click here for more information.

For those who seek something more exciting than the stock RS but do not want to reach crazy amounts of power, the company also offers the m450 which offers 331 kW (450 hp) of power and 580 Nm of torque for £2,950 (which is 5,276 aud or €3,225).