Nissan Leaf Nismo RC

Nissan launches the new Leaf Nismo RC

Nissan announced the Leaf Nismo RC, an electric all-wheel-drive race car that will premiere at the Nismo Festival alongside Nissan’s new Formula E race car.

The new Leaf Nismo RC has little to do with the production model as it is based on a carbon fiber monocoque chassis and features an aggressive three-piece bodywork. The  1,220kg weight is well balanced between axles thanks to the midship location of the lithium-ion battery pack (sourced from the production model), and the placement of electric motors and inverters over the front and rear tires.

The race car has dual electric motors (one for each axle), producing 240 kw / 321 hp of power and 640 Nm of torque, which is more than double compared to the previous generation Leaf Nismo RC introduced in 2011. Power is sent to all four wheels through a new AWD system that manages each axle independently. Thanks to all that power, the new Nissan Leaf Nismo RC accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 3,4 seconds.

The design of the race car is a lot more aggressive than its predecessor, with very low and wide stance. It measures 4,546 mm long, with a 2,750 mm wheelbase and a height of just 1,212 mm – which is a mere 300 mm lower than the production Nissan Leaf.

At the front, we find the signature V-motion grille, large air-intakes on the bumper and LED headlights inspired by the production model, while at the back, the adjustable rear wing and the huge diffuser provide the necessary downforce for the racetrack.

Nissan is planning to build six Leaf Nismo RC vehicles, which will appear in racetracks all around the world for promotional reasons.

As a reminder, the production version of the Nissan Leaf Nismo (below) launched last July, doesn’t have any performance improvements over the stock 110 kw / 147 hp model, but features sporty exterior styling, 18-inch wheels and custom tune for the suspension, electric power steering and Intelligent Trace Control.

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