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If you have a hot hatch and you want to be featured on our website, contact owners@hothatch.com.au. Please include photos of your car, your name (or nickname), your car’s model, your Instagram link (if you have one), your location (city and country) and any other information you would like to share with us.

Kyle Knees –
Ford Focus RS (MK3)

Owner: Kyle Knees Car: Ford Focus RS (MK3) Instagram: @rip_city_rs City: Portland, Oregon Country: USA    

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Craig Dean –
Mercedes-AMG A45 W176 (facelift)

Owner: Craig Dean Car: Mercedes-AMG A45 W176 (facelift) Instagram: @craigdean_101 City: East Sussex, England Country: United KingdomMy car is a Mercedes-AMG A45 4Matic Premium Edition (2016 facelift) in cirrus white colour with the following equipment:• Brembo 4pot Brakes (front) • Dual zone ...

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Citroen Saxo VTS

Nathan –
Citroen Saxo VTS (facelift)

Owner: Nathan Car: Citroen Saxo VTS (facelift) Instagram: @projectsaxo City: - Country: United Kingdom    

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Reece John –
Ford Focus RS (MK2)

Owner: Reece John Car: Ford Focus RS (MK2) Instagram: @reecejohn96 City: Melbourne Country: Australia Modification List:Mountune MR375 tune Mountune 3inch turbo back exhaust with 200cel sports cat Mountune cast inlet manifold Mountune recirculation valve Mountune roll restrictor Mountune intercooler ...

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Ford Focus ST MK3 owner

Chris –
Ford Focus ST MK3

Owner: Chris Car: Ford Focus ST (MK3) Instagram: @bgbrd_st City: Illinois Country: USA

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