Mercedes AMG A45

Ronny Moretti –
Mercedes-AMG A45 W176 (facelift)

Owner: Ronny Moretti Car: Mercedes-AMG A45 W176 (facelift) Instagram: @ronnymoretti45 Country: Switzerland

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SEAT Ibiza MK4 Cupra

Kevin Hangarter –
Seat Ibiza MK4 Cupra (facelift)

Owner: Kevin Hangarter Car: Seat Ibiza MK4 Cupra (facelift) Instagram: @50_shades_of_grey_cupra City: Konstanz Country: Germany  

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Ford Focus ST MK3

Harrison Faulkner –
Ford Focus ST MK3 (facelift)

Owner: Harrison Faulkner Car: Ford Focus ST MK3 (facelift) Instagram: @thedaddymissile City: Colorado Country: USA

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Giuseppe Maraglino –
Renault Twingo II RS

Owner: Giuseppe Maraglino Car: Renault Twingo II RS Instagram: @twingorsitalia Country: Italy  

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John Lee –
Renault Clio III RS 200 Raider

Owner: John Lee Car: Renault Clio III RS 200 Raider Instagram: @j0hnlee96 Country: United Kingdom This Renault Clio is the Raider special edition number 6 of 50.  

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Thomas Valle –
Suzuki Swift III Sport ZC31S

Owner: Thomas Valle Car: Suzuki Swift III Sport ZC31S Instagram: @import_beats_muscle City: Harpenden Country: United Kingdom  

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