Renault Megane IV RS Trophy-R sets new Nürburgring record

Renault announced that the brand new Megane IV RS Trophy-R broke the front wheel drive production car record at the Nürburgring, scoring a lap time of 7’40″10 and taking the crown from the Honda Civic Type R (FK8) which held the record previously with 7’43″8.

The Megane IV RS Trophy-R is fitted with the 1.8 TCe engine producing 300hp / 220kW and 400Nm mated to a six speed manual transmission – just like in the Renault Megane IV RS Trophy. However the car weights -130kg less than the Trophy (which means it will tip the scales at 1289kg) and comes equipped with a more track-focused suspension, ceramic brakes, better aerodynamics and comes with a few other chassis improvements.

For the development of the hot hatch, Renault collaborated with Akrapovič (exhaust), Brembo (brakes), Bridgestone (tires), Öhlins (springs) and Sabelt (racing equipment).

As a reminder, Renault’s lap records at the Nürburgring started with the Megane II R.S. R26.R (2008) which clocked 8’17’’. A few years later the Megane III R.S. 265 Trophy (2011) improved that record with a lap time of 8’07”97. The next chapter was written by the Megane III RS 275 Trophy R (2014) with 7’54”36 leading to the amazing 7’40″100 of the latest Megane IV RS Trophy R (2019). All of those records were achieved by driver Laurent Hurgon who was activelly involved in the development of the models.

The Megane RS Trophy-R will make its debut at the Monaco GP (24/5) where the F1 drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hülkenberg will drive it before the race. The car is expected to hit showrooms before the end of 2019 but according to Renault, it will produced in a limited number of a few hundred units.

Press Release:

New MEGANE R.S TROPHY-R: record at the Nürburgring for the best-performing model ever marketed by Renault

  • Renault presents MEGANE R.S. TROPHY-R, a new version of a saga begun 15 years ago, that has set like its iconic forerunners anew record on the Nordschleife in front-wheel-drive production car category. It perpetuates Renault Sport’s passion for challenge and performance.
  • Compared to the Megane R.S. Trophy, the Renault MEGANE R.S. TROPHY-R, equipped with the same 300 hp engine, owes its increased speed to the weight reduction (up to 130 kg), the work on aerodynamics and the more radical development of its chassis for road holding.
  • The Renault MEGANE R.S. TROPHY-R will be launched on the market before the end of 2019, as an exclusive limited edition of a few hundred units only.
  • Renault Sport has built on a partnership with some of the most recognised specialists in their disciplines: Akrapovič, Brembo, Bridgestone, Öhlins and Sabelt
  • MEGANE R.S. TROPHY-R sets a 07’40’’100 new record on the Nordschleife 20.600 km lap, and a 07’45’’389 reference time on the official whole lap of 20.832 km.


With drivers from the Renault F1@ Team Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hülkenberg behind the wheel, on 24 May in Monaco, on the fringes of the Formula One Grand Prix, the MEGANE R.S. TROPHY-R will make its first physical appearance.

In the tradition of Renault Sport, this new generation of MEGANE R.S. TROPHY-R does not only owe its performance to its pure power, since its 300 hp engine is that of Megane R.S. Trophy, launched in early 2019. The MEGANE R.S. TROPHY-R was developed as a racing car in a very short time, by a small dedicated team that operated in agile mode by focusing on three aspects: maximum weight reduction (up to 130 kg compared to the Megane R.S. Trophy excluding options), reworked aerodynamics and a more radical development of its drive axles.

The result is truly breath-taking: on 5 April, 2019, the MEGANE R.S. TROPHY-R set a new officially approved record and reference time for the compact car segment of production cars on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring, now a world-renowned race track and proving ground for cars and sports performance. It covered the 20.600 km in 07’40’’100, and the official whole lap length of the Nordschleife 20.832 km in 07’45’’389.

The story of the Megane R.S. and the “Ring” has been going on for more than 10 years. It started in 2008 with the very first record in the front-wheel-drive production car category: Megane R.S. R26.R completed the lap in 8’17’’. A time that was shattered 3 years later, in 2011, by the second generation Megane R.S. Trophy version, in the hands of the car’s driver-builder, Laurent Hurgon (8’07”97). In 2014, it passed under the 8-minute mark (7’54”36) for the first time with the Trophy-R version of the Megane III R.S. He was also the one who drove the latest generation of MEGANE R.S. TROPHY-R to set this new reference time, in a chase for records in which gaining every second has become that much harder.

The MEGANE R.S. TROPHY-R will be marketed before the end of 2019 as an exclusive limited edition of a few hundred units.