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Ford Focus RS Red Edition

Owner: Shmee150 (Tim Burton)
Car: Ford Focus RS MK3 Red Edition and Ford Focus RS MK3 Heritage Edition
Instagram: @shmee150
Youtube: Shmee150
City: London
Country: United Kingdom

Shmee150 is the personal brand of Tim Burton, a.k.a. ‘Shmee’, who travels the world to seek out the greatest and most exclusive automotive content possible. He captures the content using his signature video selfie technique! Below you can find videos of his project car, a Ford Focus RS Red Edition and his rare Ford Focus RS MK3 Heritage Edition.

October 23, 2018

My Focus RS now has new BBS wheels! A compulsory part of a tuning project has to be fitting new wheels and as such my Ford Focus RS mk3 Red Edition now has an awesome combination in the form of the BBS CI-R wheels that are wearing Michelin Sport Cup 2 tyres. How good do they look!?

Thanks to Posh Wash for the installation, we head down with the car to swap over from the often-controversial gold wheel finish to install the new setup. Afterwards it’s on to the garage to get the cars together and introduce the brand new Minichamps 1:18 scale model of my AMG GT R!

September 16, 2018

It’s finally time to head to Essex Ford to collect my brand new Ford Focus RS Heritage Edition! It’s one of just 50 cars built and comes from factory with the Mountune FPM 375 package. What would be better then than to jump in my project Red Edition to pick up the new ecoBeast for a convoy back home! Having shown you the new car a few months ago I decided to delay collection so that it could wear a UK ’68’ registration to pay tribute to the 1968 car that the car is built to honour on its 50th anniversary. That meant I could only pick it up in September due to the peculiar number plate system but that fit perfectly to bring out the now modified Red Edition to come meet its very special sibling at the dealership. The Heritage Edition is so rare that any dealer that got one, only got a single car, and is finished in the exclusive Tief Orange paintwork found on the 1968 Escort mk1. In terms of the Shmee150 garage, the Heritage will sit in the ‘permanent’ collection with the current 675LT and GT8 where it will be driven but will also be kept long term as part of the special fleet. The reason for two Focus RS models in the garage is very much for different purposes; the Heritage represents a truly special stock item that will be part of my car collection, whereas the Red is a fun project to explore, experiment and no doubt spend a lot of time in garages having bits and pieces done along the way.

July 10, 2018

Stage one is complete! My Ford Focus RS Red Edition project car is now one wild ‘Red Rocket’ thanks to the full carbon aero kit from Ventus Veloce, combined with gold wheels and other special touches. It’s still just the start though, there’s a lot more to come…

Having previously overhauled the interior with the Prototrim finish in Alcantara and leather, and started the installation of the Ventus Veloce carbon fibre parts, it’s now time to continue the project with the wheels, brake calipers, steering wheel, gear shift knob and some gold RS logos.

Starting with our first full look at the car wearing the full Ventus Veloce kit, it comprises many parts that contrast against the Race Red paintwork and enhance the look as well as reducing weight, increasing aero and making the design even sportier and more aggressive. This includes parts such as the bonnet, grille, fog lamp inserts, splitter, lower lip, side skirts, rear wing and diffuser:…

The parts had been installed at Dub Customs were much of the ongoing work has been done, but before that it’s a trip to Posh Wash to paint the wheels gold! It’s a project car so being unique and different is half the point, and the colour of choice is to line up a colour scheme akin to my inbound Ford GT, in a gold to pay tribute to Alan Mann Racing – the inspiration for my GT’s colours.

With the wheels painted, the next stop is Dub Customs for the installation of two pieces from SS Tuning, both a carbon fibre and Alcantara steering wheel and a matching gear shift knob. The parts will complete the interior, and explain why the factory steering wheel had not been changed by Prototrim as the SS Tuning wheel was already on the way!…

Next up, Dub Customs proceed to paint the calipers in gloss black to work better with the colour scheme than the standard unpainted silver look, and finish them with red Brembo decals. Before finally changing the various RS badges around the car to gold to match the colour scheme as opposed to the existing blue badges.

This concludes the first stage of the work on the car, with a lot of the visual elements changed, but with the engine, exhaust, suspension and more still to be done, it’s just the beginning as we head towards the full project. For now, the car has picked up the nickname, ‘Red Rocket’, so game on for what’s next!

Thanks for watching, Tim

Full List of Modifications:

  • Ventus Veloce carbon fibre Aero Kit
  •  Prototrim custom Alcantara interior
  • JCR Developments Super Low Seat Frames
  • SS Tuning carbon and Alcantara steering wheel
  • SS Tuning carbon gear shift knob
  • Posh Wash painted wheels in gold
  • Dub Customs painted Brembos in black
  • Paintmodz Race Red key cover

July 6, 2018

This is just the beginning! My Ford Focus RS Red Edition project car now has a totally new look interior thanks to the work of Prototrim. To get this full overhaul underway the first thing to target was to fix the flaws of the cheap interior, and how better to do that than a fresh start with red and black Alcantara and leather – what do you think of how it’s turned out?

The plan is for this to become quite a major project, starting off with cosmetic and aero parts while the engine is going through the run-in before moving onto dramatically raising the horsepower. With exterior parts to follow, the immediate place to start was to fix two of the most widely reported problems with the mk3 Focus RS; the quality of the interior and the height of the front seats.

With the model being a derivative of the base model Ford Focus, the interior is as such quite full of cheap plastics and doesn’t have a particularly premium feel to it. To overhaul this, Prototrim worked on retrimming the seats in the front and the rear, the door cards and top rolls, a new custom dash topper working with Central Scanning, and even small parts like the arm rest and gearshift gater.

The second generally reported concern is the height of the front seats, and a fix for that comes from JCR Developments, offering lower seat frames to adjust the height and rake of the front seats.…)

Next is going to be a dramatic change to the exterior with the installation of the full Ventus Veloce carbon fibre aero kit! This will includes parts such as the bonnet, grille, fog lamp inserts, splitter, lower lip, side skirts, rear wing and diffuser as seen at Dub Customs ahead of the install.…

This is just the beginning as we head towards the full project!

Thanks for watching, Tim

  • Full List of Focus RS Modifications:
  • Ventus Veloce carbon fibre Aero Kit
  • Prototrim custom Alcantara interior
  • JCR Developments Super Low Seat Frames
  • Paintmodz Race Red key cover

June 14, 2018

It’s time to get my Ford Focus RS Red Edition project under way! Having swapped my blue RS into the 1-of-300 Race Red Edition on the grounds that this car would have some heavy modifications, while the engine is being run in step one is to rectify the two common faults of the mk3 Focus RS – the interior quality and the height of the shell seats, so let’s get started!

Join me to take a look over how this is going to be carried out at Prototrim and an insight into what else will be done to my car in the coming months. Of course the RS is the flagship of the 3rd generation of the Focus, but that does mean that even the top version is still based on a car available for a fraction of its price. As such even though the car has great performance, the quality could do with some improvements and Prototrim are the team to carry that out. The aim is to maintain an OEM look but replace some cheaper plastics with a plush leather feel, mixed in with the sportiness of Alcantara and some flashes of colour to bring in the exterior. The demo Blue Edition that I show you here is based on our initial discussions, with many new parts including door card top rolls, seat pleating, and substantial work to the rear seat area. For my car, this will be red naturally to match in with the exterior and if the samples are anything to go by, I cannot wait to see what it’s like! The process will take a few weeks to complete as there are more than 100 different parts to be created and installed into the car.

The second part of this, while the seats are out to be retrimmed, is the installation of the JCR Developments lowering seat frames. This is to combat the most frequent complaint about the RS that the seat position from factory is simply too high. The JCR frames offer a variety of different positions from 20mm lower to 55mm lower and even with different rake should you wish. I’ve opted to lower them by 20mm due to not being particularly tall but even that should give much more of a sporty feel to the driving experience.

As I mentioned this is just the start, and later in the video I run over quite a few of the upgrades coming along the way that are in the works – this is going to be a mega project!

Thanks for watching, Tim

May 9, 2018

My brand new Ford Focus RS Heritage and Red Editions have both arrived! In a first for me, it’s a double collection day of both cars at the same time, in my current RS, making it a trio line-up at Essex Ford! I’m excited for the project coming with the RS Red Edition – there are some big plans ahead…

Ahead of selling my blue RS, I took it along to line up with it’s younger siblings at Essex Ford, ‘Skittles’ style with the blue, red and orange. No doubt many will be wondering why on earth three of the same car… Well, the blue RS will now be sold, the Red Edition is to become a major project car this summer, and the Heritage will be a permanent part of my car collection. The last two years have demonstrated that it’s a great car for me so why change a winning formula?!

The Focus RS Heritage Edition celebrates the 50th anniversary since the introduction of the Ford RS brand back in 1968. With only 50 cars built in total from the tail end of the production line of the Mk3 RS, I am very lucky to be the custodian of one to sit beside my Ford GT in the garage in future. The RS Heritage is painted in “Tieforange”, a colour that rings back to the initial introduction and is a special item just for the UK market following the success of sales here. It features all the upgrades found on the Red Edition and Blue Edition cars, as well as coming with the Mountune FPM 375 package as standard – including bespoke painted parts too.

The RS Red Edition is on track to become my first project car with a heavy raft of modifications inbound. As one of 300 cars painted in Race Red for the UK market, it features carbon interior trim parts and a Quaife front limited slip diff as standard. The first part in the project process though is to bring the interior up to scratch! I’ve often felt that the RS looks the part, drives the part, and performs incredibly well but it’s let down by a very cheap looking interior. Undertaking this project are Prototrim, who regular carry out bespoke interior projects, concept car developments and work with the likes of Singer, Overfinch and Urban – so safe to say they know a thing or two about interiors. We’ll be catching up with Prototrim again soon to have a look through some design ideas and get the work truly started to make something smart, unique, but giving a very natural fit with the car.

The Red Edition has carried over my SH13 MEE plate from the blue car; conveniently standing for 1-in-3(00) cars. The intention is that the GT wears SH66 MEE to celebrate the 1966 Le Mans victory, hence the RS Heritage will be SH68 MEE for the 1968 introduction. Those that know the UK number plate system will be able to relate that it means the car cannot be collected until September – in the mean time I’ve got the Red Edition to play with, as well as the GT3 and another German super-saloon inbound this week…

My thanks goes to Paul and the team at Essex Auto Group for their great customer service throughout the process.

You can get the key covers on eBay via:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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