Top 10: Featured Owners of 2019

With the new year just around the corner, we decided to create a top 10 feature with our favourite owners of 2019. It was very difficult to select only 10 cars, but we based our list on personal preference, photo quality, rating, modifications and rarity,  in combination with the cool factor of the cars.

10. Scott Rolfs – Ford Focus ST MK3 (facelift)

We start our list with Scott Rolfs from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who owns a modified Ford Focus ST MK3 (facelift). Besides the obvious exterior modifications like the RS-style rear wing, the custom headlights, the vented hood and the nice yellow touches contrasting the black look, Scott has upgraded both engine and suspension in order to make his car faster and improve handling. Learn more about the car here.

9. Albin – VW Golf VII R (facelift)

The next owner is Albin from Sweden, with his VW Golf VII R (facelift). The blacked-out look and the discreet visual modifications are a perfect fit for the character of the flagship version of the Golf. His great photography skills accentuate this further and makes us love the LED graphics. Learn more about the car here.

8. Arthur – Peugeot 106 GTi

In number 8 we have Arthur from Germany with a hot hatch legend from the ’90s – the Peugeot 106 GTi 1.6 16v. Arthur gave his Peugeot a unique look with racing-style graphics on the orange paint, different wheels, new headlights and an aerodynamic splitter, while he has done a few bits on the interior and the engine which now produces 145 hp. Learn more about the car here.

6. Steven – Ford Focus RS MK3

Next up is Steven from Switzerland with his Ford Focus RS MK3. The yellow graphics on the Michelin tires and the matte yellow wrap are a very nice touch to the AWD hot hatch which also got a Remus Catback Exhaust and a few other mods. We Learn more about the car here.

6. Dwayne Geldenhuis – Renault Megane III RS 265

The next owner comes from South Africa and his name is Dwayne Geldenhuis. He owns one of the most unique-looking Renault Megane III RS you have ever seen, with wide bolt-on fenders and huge aerodynamic aids. Learn more about the car here.

5. Tarik – Hyundai i30N Performance

In the 5th place we have Tarik from Berlin, Germany and his Hyundai i30N Performance which looks very cool thanks to the Satin Vampire Red wrap, the Z-Performance 19″ rims, the lowered kit and the tinted windows. Learn more about the car here.


4. Satty – VW Golf II Rallye G60

The limited-edition VW Golf II Rallye G60 is one of the best hot hatches of the 80’s and Satty seems to be the perfect owner of this classic. While the exterior is totally stock with the boxy bodykit and the signature rectangular headlights, he has done some light modifications to the engine in order to produce more power. As he describes it, his rare Golf is “Super Cool”. Learn more about the car here.

3. Chris Slater – Honda Civic Type R EP3 (facelift)

In 2018 he was our number 1 featured owner with his heavily modified Renault Megane II RS 230 R26, and 2019 he marked his return with a wholly different but equally impressive project! Chris Slater from Staffordshire, UK bought a Honda Civic Type R EP3 (facelift) and he put a lot of work and effort in order to make it worthy of his high expectations. Don’t be fooled by the discreet visual tweaks as the Japanese hot hatch features a very long list of modifications resulting to a real beast! Learn more about the car here.

2. Chris Wilson – Citroën BX GTi 16 Soupapes

In the 2nd place, we find another beautiful classic – the Citroën BX GTi 16 Soupapes. Chris Wilson makes sure he stands out from the crowd driving his French hot hatch in Brisbane, Australia. Visually, the car is stock – besides the Exip 15″ wheels – and very well maintained. However, he decided to tweak it under the bonnet in order to get more power from his rare Citroën which seems to be a great car for the weekend. Learn more about the car here.

1. Lil Rude – Abarth 500

And the award for the number 1 featured owner of 2019 goes to Lil Rude from Virginia, USA and his crazy-cool modified Abarth 500. Not only this pocket rocket caught our visitor’s attention with many likes, clicks and reactions, but it is also one of our favourite features. The bolt-on widebody fender flares, the matte military green wrap and the black details on the additional aero parts make this Abarth truly unique. Learn more about the car here.

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