Toyota Corolla concepts at SEMA

Toyota launched several hot hatch concepts based on the new Corolla at the 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show. Let’s admire them one by one, until we wait for the official hot hatch version of the Corolla which is probably coming in the near future.

Super Street

Automotive media network – Super Street – built this unique Corolla with bright red paint, red neon lighting, lowered suspension, black coloured Volk Racing wheels, discreet carbon fibre splitter, side skirts and rear bumper extensions, quad exhaust pipes and wilwood brakes. Inside the concept features racing seats and a powerful audio system.

SoCal Kustomz

A hot-rod version of the new Corolla with unique wrap reminiscent of the Fast & Furious movie, Motegi MR138 wheels, Nexen N’Fera SUR4 tires, lowered suspension, nitrous oxide injection and custom exhaust. The car was built to participate in the “Battle of the Shops” that Toyota organised for this year’s show.

Muscle Tuner Auto

The other contender in the “Battle of the Shops”, is an AE86 inspired hatchback with a black and white paint, lowered suspension, Bridgestone RE-71R tires,  nitrous oxide injection, black rims, large front splitter, front bumper slits, extended side sills, a new rear wing and four exhaust pipes at the back.

Hoonigan Camera Car

Hoonigan team built a unique rally-Inspired Corolla that serves as camera car thanks to the special mounts for cranes, gimbals and all kinds of camera gear. Visually, it is distinguished by the black wrap contrasting with the retro Fifteen 52 Integrale wheels, the additional round headlights at the front, the rear wing and the mudflaps, while mechanically it comes with a custom suspension, exhaust from Ark Performance and new intake.


TRD/Papadakis Racing Corolla

Last but not least, the most extreme concept is a rear wheel drive conversion of the Japanese hatchback designed for drifting, with custom suspension and a turbocharged engine producing more than 1000 hp (745 kw). The car won its first drift race in California and took second place in the 2018 Formula Drift Pro rankings. It also features a wide bodykit with new front and rear fenders to cover the wider tracks, a large rear wing, gold rims, a roll cage and a racing livery that combines bright yellow with black decals and cyan details.