Toyota teases the Yaris GR-4 hot hatch

Toyota Europe announced the new Yaris GR-4 with an official teaser photo on Twitter, which will be unveiled on the 17th of November 2019 at Wedding Bells during Rally Australia.

The picture reveals part of the rear end of the new hot hatch which appears to have tinted tailights, a discreet spoiler and widened rear fenders, reminiscent of a WRC racecar. The GR logo is referring to Gazoo Racing while the number 4 could either suggest that it is four-wheel drive, or that it has a four-cylinder engine under the bonnet.


During the official reveal of the new fourth-generation Yaris, Matt Harrison, Vice President of Toyota Europe, confirmed that there will be a racing variant of the Japanese supermini competing in the 2020 WRC season. He also confirmed that Gazoo Racing is working on spiced up editions of the new Yaris which will have a closer connection with the racecar and will be widely available (in contrast with the limited-production Yaris GRMN).

Stay tuned to for more information about the upcoming Yaris-based hot hatch from Gazoo Racing.