Hear the exhaust of the Toyota Yaris GR-4 in the latest teaser

A month ago, Toyota Europe announced that new Yaris GR-4 would be unveiled on the 17th of November at Wedding Bells, however, because of the cancellation of this year’s Rally Australia, the launch of the Japanese hot hatch has been delayed. Today, Toyota strikes back with a new teaser-video which gives us a little more detail on the hot Yaris.

In the short video, we hear Master Driver Morizo from Toyota Gazoo Racing explaining how he loves the smell of gasoline and the sound of the exhaust. Then he fires up the engine and accelerates, with the close-up on the wheels revealing that the car will be all-wheel-drive! We also get a glimpse of the redesigned body kit which includes sporty front and rear bumpers, widened fenders and mudguards reminiscent of a WRC racecar.

During the official reveal of the new fourth-generation Yaris, Matt Harrison, Vice President of Toyota Europe, confirmed that there will be a racing variant of the Japanese supermini competing in the 2020 WRC season. He also confirmed that Gazoo Racing is working on spiced up editions of the new Yaris which will have a closer connection with the racecar and will be widely available (in contrast with the limited-production Yaris GRMN).

Stay tuned to hothatch.com.au for more information about the upcoming Yaris-based hot hatch from Gazoo Racing.