New Tuning kits for the Ford Focus RS by Mountune

British tuner Mountune, known for designing and producing performance parts for Ford models, launched two new kits for the Ford Focus RS MK3 – the m400X and  the m400R.

Both kits offer increase the output of the 2.3 liter Ecoboost engine to 294 kw / 400 hp and 560 Nm of torque (for comparison, the stock model produces 257 kw / 350 hp and 440 Nm). The m400R is designed as an upgrade for those who already have the m400 and includes a number of calibrations and additional features, while the m400X provides the most exhilarating performance available whilst retaining the OE turbocharger.

Features include: Adjustable RPM limit, Full-time launch control (no need to activate via the menu system), Adjustable launch RPM setpoint, Full-throttle (no throttle lift) gear change, Valet and anti-theft modes, Dyno mode (RDU On / Off) and full access to all OBD channels to use with custom gauges / data-logging.

Below, you can find the hardware list required for the m400X upgrade kit:

  • High-flow induction kit
  • Sound Suppression Chamber (SSC)
  • Uprated turbo re-circ valve
  • High-flow hard pipe
  • High-performance alloy intercooler
  • 3″ downpipe with 200-cell sports catalyst
  • 3″ V3 cat-back exhaust
  • Forged pistons
  • Steel conrods
  • Uprated (1 step colder) spark plugs

David Moore, global brand manager of Mountune, said: “The Focus RS is a fantastic vehicle to drive and the platform responds extremely well to our performance upgrades. With these two kits the power and torque are now exceptional both in quantity and delivery. This is particularly true of m400X which turns the RS into something truly phenomenal. We are also proud to provide legacy m400 owners with a free upgrade to m400R. This will give them additional features and functionality and demonstrates the commitment we make to providing the best for our loyal customers.”

Note: The kits are not compatible with vehicles in North America and may affect the vehicle’s warranty as the m400X upgrade kit is not endorsed by Ford. Due to the increased cylinder pressures, this calibration should not be used on vehicles that have not been upgraded with forged pistons, steel conrods and that are using a colder spark plug. 97RON+ fuel should also be used to maintain performance.

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