Volkswagen unveiled the E-Performance Golf R prototype

Volkswagen unveiled the E-Performance Golf R prototype this weekend at the GP Ice Race event in Austria.

The concept car might share its name with the VW Golf VII R (facelift) however it is heavily based on the Golf TCR racing car. This is evident from the aerodynamic bodykit that includes wide front and rear fenders, redesigned bumpers, a racing-style splitter and a huge rear wing at the back.

Under the widened and lowered body, there is a fully electric powertrain based on the dual-motor system developed for the ID R record-breaking prototype. Volkswagen didn’t reveal any power figures but it states that the all-wheel-drive system is similar to the ones used in the rallycross series.

Sven Smeets, head of Volkswagen’s motorsport department, said that the prototype “offers a view of the future” while the company’s press release mentions that the E-Performance Golf R “serves as an ambassador for future performance cars for Volkswagen R.”

Josh Capito, head of Volkswagen R division, revealed that the prototype wasn’t developed with any racing regulations in mind, and is not destined for racing. However, it will be used to showcase the capabilities of electric performance in various events around Europe and USA. The car is codenamed E R1, which means that we will see more versions of it in the future.

Volkswagen is developing a hot hatch derivative of the fully electric ID.3 which is scheduled to be unveiled sometime up to 2024. A racing version of the ID.3 could also compete at the upcoming E-TCR, even though Volkswagen officials haven’t decided yet if they are going to participate at the electric touring racing championship