VW Up! GTI tuned by B&B Automobiltechnik

German tuner B&B Automobiltechnik launched a tuning kit for the VW Up! GTI, offering a significant power upgrade and other mechanical modifications.

In the stock VW Up! GTI, the tiny three cyliner 1.0 TSI engine produces 115 hp / 85 kw and 200 Nm of torque, combined with a 6 speed manual gearbox. Those numbers may not sound impressive but with a total weight of just 1070 kg, a sporty suspension setting and larger brakes, the smallest car in the GTI range somehow resembles the original VW Golf I GTI.

B&B Automobiltechnik is offering an upgrade to the Up! GTI by adding more power to the engine and an even sportier suspension with adjustable coilovers and a 30 mm drop in ride height.

Stage 1 of the engine upgrade includes a boost pressure increase by 0.2 bars, bringing the power up by 21 hp / 16 kw, with a cost of €998.

Stage 2 adds even more boost pressure and new engine mapping, together with optimization for the intake and the air inducts, resulting in a 30 hp / 22 kw power upgrade over the stock car. That means that the A-Segment hot hatch can produce up to 145 hp / 107 kw and 260 Nm of torque with a cost of €1,498.

The power upgrades result in a faster 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 7,9 sec (-0,9 sec improvement) and a higher top speed of 210 km/h (+ 13 km/h).

For those who are interested in upgrading their Up! GTI, the Stage 1 upgrade is priced at €998 while the Stage 2 costs €1,498. For more information head to the official B&B Automobiltechnik website.

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